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Originally Posted by tofer23 View Post
The Little Cards program is a large part of Colerain's success. Kids in the area grow up in the system and want to be a star on the team when they get to HS. Except for they players we lose to GCL-S recruiting.
You more than make up for any players that you lose to the GCL (presumably LaSalle, as X does not recruit athletes) with the top players that you strip (by hook or by crook) from the surrounding public school teams-- Oak Hills, Harrison, Taylor, Ross, Northwest, Finneytown, North College Hill, Mt. Healthy, Aiken, Western Hills, etc.-- which is why most all of them have had terrible teams now, over the last several decades, ever since Kerry "Recruiter Extraordinaire" Coombs began to work his magic over on the West Side-- Coombs would have made Faust proud... and from sound of the Columbus/Pickerington area fans, Pick Central would make Coombs proud-- good to see a matchup between these two Public School recruiting powerhouses!

You always complain about losing kids to the GCL, but nobody from Colerain ever talks about how many kids they rob from their surrounding public school brethren-- you're not taking kids from X, because X's student profile is entirely different than Colerain's. But despite the poor-mouthing and whining, Colerain ALWAYS has 5-10 athletes on their team that are faster than ANYBODY that X is putting out there-- as was amply demonstrated last Friday night, when all 3 of your primary running backs (Syncere, JJ, and Ivan) EACH broke off a long (70+ yard) run from behind the line of scrimmage and simply ran away from the X defense like they were standing still... just think if you managed to keep ALL of the football athletes that you "steal" from your neighboring public schools! (I used quotation marks, because no student "belongs" to any school--public or private-- it's a free country, and kids can [and should] go where they want to.)
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