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The secret is that they have had coaches, a community and resources that buy into the fact that Mentor and Colerain produce quality educations and quality football players. Mentor was not always a powerhouse, I remember them competing with another great public school program, Warren Harding, losing 14-10 in a regional championship game in 2002. That class then beat Brian Hoyer's St. Ignatius team 31-0 the next year in the playoffs, I believe this is one of the worst defeats in the playoffs that Chuck Kyle has had. They lost to St. Ed's the next week in OT in a terrible weather game, just a literal perfect storm. But those two seasons had Mentor on the map. Their next generation of players then went to back to back state finals in 2006 and 2007. Mentor has junior high students that want to play for the high school and families go to the games for years.

It takes a lot of work for a public school to compete at this level but the work that these two schools have put in is bearing fruit. They use the advantages they do have to the fullest.
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