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Originally Posted by Termite2 View Post
The OHSAA might be able to split off the smaller private schools into a different classification, not going to work for the larger ones. The bigger ones would still be in with the public schools, legally; the reason for classifications by student size, along with them being members of the organization means splitting off the lager private schools would fail under federal law.
There is a way for a split and that is for the public schools to withdraw from the OHSAA and form a new organization.
The truth is that should a split occur, it would be a loss for the majority of all schools and lead to a further decrease in the general public interests in all high school sports, public or private.
I would recommend that before the schools split, one should take a hard look at how that works in other states. When I lived in Hawaii, they had a split system. All anybody talked about was the private school league. I think Cali has something like that too and I believe Texas is split also. I know I do remember that at the end of the year the private champion and public champion play each other with the private school just killing the public school every year
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