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Originally Posted by Crusaders View Post
Then you would build to match the area. In case you haven't noticed, Canton is a bit bigger than Caldwell, thus requiring larger capacity interchanges. Your argument continues to be entirely inane.

I'm surprised it's that many considering how bare-bones the place really is. There is literally nothing around it but homes and a high school. When people ask me about the place from outside of town, I tell them that it's good to see once and there's nothing else to really do but walk through it. It only takes a couple hours. So, if that type of facility is bringing in nearly a quarter of a million visitors without even having so much as a football-themed restaurant on the premises, I can only imagine what kind of numbers these improvements would bring. The people proposing this have said the improvements would bring in Cedar Point-like numbers, annually (granted we're talking a 12 month window for the HOF complex compared to the ~6 month Cedar Point season).
AGAIN- If it is such a great investment, let the NFL open their deep pockets and pay for it.

BTW- where is all that infrastructure repair and "shovel-ready jobs" that Obama and the Left spent $800Billion on several years ago. It seems that this should have been done already....