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Originally Posted by Crusaders View Post
It's a base need; without infrastructure everything would struggle to function. It is an investment, but not one to expect direct return from. It's an investment that allows for a plethora of other things to make returns. It allows commerce to flow efficiently.

Now, for your example of a new interchange off of 77, a lot would depend on it. We need infrastructure improvements in this country in a bad way. Part of the problem is the mindset that infrastructure should be judged on it's direct returns. This is illogical and ignorant.
If the investment is independent of the return (as you suggest), why not build a huge interchange in the middle of Noble County? There's nothing there, of course, but the inevitable efficient flow of commerce would justify the expense, no?

Originally Posted by Crusaders View Post
Are you seriously comparing the grave of a dead president to the Pro Football Hall of Fame?
No, you are. Longevity was your criteria.