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Climate Change arguments are on par with those "pubic versus private" high school football debates on Yappi but with less facts. I'm not going to jump into the argument because after a while beating a dead horse is disgusting work but:

* Asking Climate Change alarmists to quantify to what extent human beings are changing the climate is a fair question to ask. This is the single most important piece of information we need to know in order to decide how best to approach "climate change". Since even most skeptics readily concede we are changing climate to at least a small degree it is the responsibility of the alarmists to provide a scientifically rigorous estimate for how much we are changing it. The failure to do so indicates that the theory of human caused catastrophic climate change is far from proven and is actually quite weak.

* Why do we skeptics obsess on this question? It's simple because solving this problem is very different if the human race is responsible for 20% of the change versus being responsible for 80% of the change.

* My other question is why on earth are people still throwing out that ridiculous survey result claiming that "97% of scientists support the idea of man made climate change". This survey has been widely discredited and shown to be nothing more than a poorly worded bit of propagandist push polling .
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