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Originally Posted by psycho_dad View Post
I have not looked at all the time schedules, but at LCCC the races start very late for a Saturday meet. I have never been a routine person, so 9am or 4pm never mattered to me. I do know people that do not like change to routine and being on a bus at 1pm instead of 8 am or eating at a different time then they are used to really throws them off. I had a pole vaulter at the state meet that could not handle being up so early in the morning while I had another that it didn't bother at all. I had no idea the one kid could not function until a 2nd cup of coffee and 3 hours of being awake before having any brain function. Does the odd time schedules at this point in the season ever have an affect on teams or runners?
When racing in the afternoon, it's possible to make the mistake of eating a light breakfast and then not eating anything again before race time. Sometimes, it's a case of bad judgement. Other times, it's a case of having to battle the nerves for a few extra hours which often causes we mortals to not feel like eating when we should.

We had a girl have that issue at the state track meet (collapsed right after finishing the 1600) years ago. She ran the afternoon session on an empty stomach. Another made that mistake at the XC district and collapsed twice in the final 200m before crossing the finish line. Had she DNFed, it would've been very close for the team to advance. Word from her parents was she didn't eat much of a breakfast due to nerves.

The district schedule at GlenOak is the same as the regional and state schedule. A couple years ago, the races were pushed back due to ACT, and boys DI didn't race until almost 5pm.

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