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Originally Posted by Lakeshore5 View Post
A lot of people in this thread are down on a guy who helps a bunch of kids that under any other circumstance would not be going to college. This isn't about the 3 or 4 D1 kids he coaches. It's about the ten others that end up D2 or D3 and the 40 additional kids on the team who get the experience of being a part of a group that hangs with the big boys like Ed's, Iggy, and Mentor. Rotsky making this Euclid team competitive puts a lot of at risk kids in a situation where they have responsibilities and expectations and have to work hard to meet them, is that such a bad thing? Sure he's crazy and his antics are questionable, he might even bend some rules, but ultimately at Chanel, Maple, Heights, and Euclid, many kids have better outcomes than they previously would have because of his presence.
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