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Alot of it is Euclid talent

Originally Posted by hsfan60 View Post
Not all home town talent, fact!
Would be interested to see what it would be with no jump starts, that would be a better result to measure against, fact!
I don't dispute the talent that comes from other schools.As far as I can see Shabazz was the starting qb for VASJ.Ronald Lee was at Euclid before transferring to Heights,and back to Euclid.Lindsey was at Garfield last year.Most of those kids are Euclidians.When Euclid got beat two years ago in the regional final at Byers against Ed's the P.A. announcer stated the two starting db's were from hometown....EUCLID.Delvon Roe...Remember him from Ed's basketball lore.Euclid.Lombardo lives in EUCLID.See where I'm going here? Euclid is not,has never been,a talentless area.Ed's ,Iggy,VASJ, all know this.I was calling for Thom McDaniels to coach this team years ago. Euclid suffered from the good old boy network.Banc,Razzola,Gibbons.Never sought outside candidates to shake things up.Euclid has a boatload of winning seasons,college talent but no playoff success.Any Knowledgeable Mentor fan would tell you Euclid could be a major player with the right man in charge.They being Euclids rival,responsible for helping Euclid gain acceptance into the G.C.C. Mentor is the benchmark for public school success against the Allied powers of Ignatius/Ed's.They are the only ones who took em' on and won with intense coaching,and a good feeder system.But even Mentor will lose more than win against the privates.Seems like Rotsky is scheduling up and taking this challenge head on.Everyone bashing him just fuels this guys fire.The white Ted Ginn.Yea.. he will get Glenvilles talent if he gets the chance.When Euclid plays Glenville it's like a big family reunion between the fanbases.Because most of these kids have relatives in both area's.Euclid is to innercity Cleveland,what Mentor and lake county was to middleclass whites seeking a better life for their kids.If your African American,live in Cleveland and your kid plays football where would you send him too? Glenville or some other CMSD school? Or Euclid where its not what it once was,but a way better lifestyle and safer than the innercity.Just what I've observed over the years .Big D-1 public with a gem of a stadium,and plenty of rescources.Why would this guy go anywhere? We will see though.
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