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Originally Posted by eastisbest View Post
Convincing a kid there are better options than the present situation? Showing the kid the way isn't as hard and unclimbable as he has been led to believe? This is "lunatic" to you?

Being facetious?

Obsessed? Yeah. The kind of guy that sees time running out? Yeah. Selfish? No.

Only wins on talent he recruits? Don't know, it's kind of beside the point. Doesn't seem to be his overall driving motivation.

Read to me like a man who "get's it," even more impressive given he never lived it. His words didn't come to me as someone whose goal was to win at any cost. Read to me like a guy who was sacrificing to teach young people who'd never directly viewed outside world success, how it can be achieved.

When you grow up "in" the neighborhood, where there is little success, it's easy to think people like him, people from "Gates Mills" have it handed to them. To a point, there's no denying the advantage and there's a certain amount of made luck starting ahead but that can translate to anyone from anywhere, if they're shown the possibility. We have these debates all the time, those that think it is "easy" to succeed." It's impossible if you're not shown a way. If the parents have never seen it, don't know how to teach it, doesn't mean they don't love, sacrifice and care for their children. It just means they don't have the experience and a skill to help their child move up. A man like this comes in and helps them is lunatic?

It's terrific that a man like this would come in where he's out of place, not of the culture or the neighborhood or the educational environment and put it on the line to at least try. This is what a "coach" does. No one puts in more time for less money than the coaching staff at a high school. If that's "lunatic," then so be it.
Yeah he and Ted Ginn are saints
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