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Originally Posted by baselinet2baseline View Post
Speculation, Speculation, Speculation... until there is a list provided by the news paper or someone on here with an insider it is what it is. Hire the most qualified and someone with innovation. Hire a guy with the same characteristic as the guy before him is not going to change the scheme of how they will play. Most coaches only know how to coach one way, grind it out, 1 minute per possession! Speed the game up.
So what is the point of the Speculation rant--Yappi is a forum for fans opinions/speculation/and insider info from being in the coaching profession--it's about sharing ideas and interest in the GMC and Hamilton in particular. I doubt that Grimm will put in the paper who is being interviewed--but we as followers of GMC basketball can espouse what we have heard/think about who would be a good "fit" for Hamilton going forward.

Time will tell
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