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Several points come to mind:
(1) It's always difficult for someone to be the "first" to do something different. Bazley will be playing in small towns and small arenas next year instead of the palaces of the ACC. It will be a tougher road than imagined. Good luck to the young man.
(2) NBA has been getting a free ride with the one-and-dones. They get to evaluate the players for a year for free. And the fans become familiar with the names; which makes the NBA draft MUCH more popular than when they were drafting HS players. The draft is a HUGE money maker for the league.
(3) If this becomes a trend, and the G-League gets more highly rated HS players, then you'll begin to see more structure with the league in terms of better coaching, better officiating, more money etc.
(4) When the FBI stuff started to come out, the NBA was talking big about expanding the G-League in terms of money, notoriety, etc. It'll be interesting to see if the NBA backs up its big talk.
(5) If I were the NCAA, I'd even consider allowing a player like Bazley, if he chose, to petition to have his amateur status reinstated if he applied within, say, one year to return to college. I haven't thought through it completely, but have him lose one year of eligibility and have him agree to stay at least two years in college to have his eligibility reinstated. Do what you can to keep options open for the kids to develop as athletes and students, as well. Once the kids get a reality check and see the grass isn't necessarily greener on the other side, then a college diploma may look better and better. Both the NCAA and the NBA like to sanctimoniously wax poetically about how they want to do what's "best for the kids". Now, maybe they'll get a chance to prove it!

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