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Originally Posted by Kballer View Post
With all due respect since this is a GMC thread and don't want to rehash the endless debate- parents drive the bus on kids going to a different school these days. They practically throw their kids at the coaches- have been watching this for years from "both sides". If kids are jumping ship at west to go to East then why isn't the accusation there that East is recruiting and "getting in the players ears"? If the argument is that the kids are going becaus it is a better coach/program/opportunity at East, then why can't people wrap their head around that being the reason why they leave and go to Moeller, for instance?
Oh, while I do agree with you that it really is parents that are throwing their kids at these privates, I do have an anecdotal story that happened just last night. So last night I was a basketball tryout for this Fall. It was for a team my son has played with in the past. I was talking with one of the kids from my son's past teams about what his junior high team was going to look like this Winter, and out of nowhere he started telling me about how a bunch of them (kids) were all trying to team up together to go to Moeller in 9th grade. I told him my son will gladly go with them if his dad agreed to pay his tuition
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