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1. “The thing you have to remember about this group is they base 90% of where they rank a player off what that kid does on one day, sometimes inside a building.”

Not true. They have a bunch of guys, “scouts”, that follow hs baseball pretty closely. They attend hs games regularly. Some of them coach the summer circuit, some give lessons or small group instruction, etc. They also communicate with hs coaches. Is it possible that Pbr misses a talented player? Of course.

2. “You can't get a feel for game recognition, base running ability, or overall how a kid plays the game at one of these events.”

Depending on which event you attend, there is game play. I would highly recommend emailing or calling the rep from your area to discuss event format before you pay and attend. The guys running Pbr will answer your questions. It is a business so naturally they want their customers to be satisfied.

3. “What I found interesting is how kids in every class seem to move up and down in the rankings seemingly based on the number of events attended.”

Simply not true. There are ranked kids that have never attended an event. What is true, however, is the more Pbr sees a kid, the better equipped they are to judge the kid’s abilities.
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