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Pull one out? That's just what the Comets did last night, outlasting Medina, 76-70. Was Solon due for a letdown after emerging from the gauntlet of Euclid, Mentor, Brunswick and Stow? Maybe. Solon didn't play poorly last night, but they certainly weren't at their best. And Medina played outstanding ball. After seeing the Bees twice, they play much better than a typical seventh-place team.

The best thing to take from last night's narrow victory is that Solon has already clinched a share of the GCC title. Brunswick's loss to Mentor gives the Devils three league losses with three games to play. Shaker Heights also has three GCC losses. The Comets remain undefeated, both overall and in GCC play. Solon can clinch the undisputed league title Tuesday with a win over Shaker or another Brunswick loss. The Comets host Brunswick next Friday.

Solon fell into an early hole last night in Medina and spent most of the first half in a deficit. The Comets came out cold and the Bees couldn't miss. Medina led, 21-14 after one period. Solon didn't press Medina; I'm not sure why, though the Comets have been playing more halfcourt man lately. And this contest settled into a halfcourt game, which seemed to benefit Medina.

Midway through the second period Solon faced its largest deficit: 36-27. At that point, however, the Comet offense started clicking. Sincere Carry and David Marbury led a rally that enabled Solon to end the first half with a 42-38 lead.

But Solon couldn't maintain that momentum in the second half. The Bees got hot again and grabbed the lead back for a few minutes. The Comets countered and led by six after three. With just under four minutes remaining, Solon's lead stretched to nine. That's the biggest lead Solon had all night.

Marbury led Solon with 25 points. Most, though not all, came from beyond the three-point stripe. Sincere added 21; 10 of which came from the foul line. Ryan Bergen scored nine and Nick Close and Trent Williams scored seven apiece. Trent didn't shoot much; neither did Michael Bekelja. I'm not sure why. But Solon is at its best when Williams and Bekelja match Sincere point-for-point.

I don't have Medina's point totals. They don't post them on the scoreboard at Medina and the PD pretended that last night's game never happened. I do know that the Bees got a big lift from a freshman guard who made his varsity debut last night. He scored 15 points; most came early when Medina jumped out to its initial lead.

Once again: Comets are home Tuesday in a biggie against a tough Shaker team. A win and the GCC title is theirs and theirs alone. Solon also hosts Brunswick next Friday.

Comets are 18-0 and still #2 in the state.

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