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Originally Posted by Metacomet View Post
I'd love to see Solon beat St. Edward, though I know that, come tournament time, the outcome won't matter a bit. If the Comets get through the Euclid district, they wouldn't face St. Edward again until the state tournament. Ed's is in the Strongsville district. The Strongsville champ goes to the Akron/Toledo regional. Solon's at Euclid. The Euclid winner goes to Cleveland State.

cardz - You and I both know that somehow, some way Solon and Mentor will meet again at Euclid. I don't know whether it will be semis or the championship, but Solon and Mentor aren't done with each other. The basketball gods won't see it any other way.
Probably a good chance of a rematch. I think Mentor is the team with the best shot to beat Solon. Maybe I'm selling Benedictine short in saying that. I don't think Solon will struggle against Brush or Cleveland Heights. Mentor doesn't have quite the talent or shooting as recent teams, but Krizancic will have them ready. Mentor could win a rematch. The difference between these teams is that Solon could go on from Euclid and win the CSU regional. Mentor might pull an upset against the Comets, but I can't see them having a shot at winning regional games.

I know that the past two years saw the underdog win the rematch in the district final, but it will take a lot to go Mentor's way to beat this Solon team. But I tend to agree that I almost expect a rematch to happen.
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