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Originally Posted by vamp2syd View Post
OK guys...... unfortunately because of the mentality of Democrats I will try and not say anything that somebody else would disagree with. I will be very careful in what I say in the near future as anything I say or do might upset somebody else and we just cannot have that. I can no longer have my opinion if it disagrees with somebody else. Every player is great and every team is a winner. yeah! Baseball is great and exciting and everybody should enjoy it and so lets open up the borders. Lets give out hand outs for those who do not want to work and of course, give up those guns because that is the problem of everything. Watch what you say Roseanne you might offend somebody and we cannot have that and oh, don't forget to kneel for the anthem because cops hate us and we can't have those so we have to protect the drug lords and gang leaders who kill more young black guys in a night then one can imagine. Hey guys, lets hang out at Starbucks and use the bathroom while we boycott Chick-Filet and Papa Johns. Oh no, there is some guy wearing a MAGA hat, VIOLENCE, VIOLENCE, VIOLENCE... anyone who disagrees must be racist. Hiliary is so great, who cares about Haiti right? Oh Ronnie, why did you take Mary away from us.... it was so great back then walking the streets of San Fran. Oh the good ole days where we were close to Jesus and love was flowing in the air. Where free was FREE. What has happened.... when people warship a fake god and tats tell the stories of our lives. Where the only thing important is the good ole mighty dollar. Greed greed and more greed... gotta have more. Athletes get paid millions and they don't change a dam-n thing while those making pennies on a dollar are risking everything. Oh, Votto is the greatest thing that has ever walked the baseball diamond.
What in the actual f uck are you talking about?
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