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Originally Posted by 14Red View Post
It truly amazes me that and Reds fan would criticize Joey Votto. He's going to go down as the best hitter in franchise history, hands down, apologies to Pete fans.
Joey is the guy we've built our lineup around for what, nearly 10 years now? The guys directly in front of him and behind him benefit greatly because the pitcher has to account for Votto's spot.
I'm not sure anyone could ever come up with a baseball player who grinds out every single at bat, every single pitch like Joey does. It can be bases loaded 2 outs down a run and he's grinding, or it can be a 7-2 deficit, 9th inning, nobody on and 2 out and you get the exact same intensity every single at bat? What else could fans ask for out of a player?
Joey has never, or rarely ever, criticized a player, coach or opposing player publically. And even though he can give canned, boring answers, he can also give long, deep answers to questions that we've never heard athletes say before.
About 5 years ago, Joey was not a great first baseman, the next season he worked his butt off and since has become an average to above average first baseman.
1) I disagree so it is not hands down he is the best REDS player ever.
2) What has the REDS done over the last 10 years with Votto being the key player???? Not 1 series win in the playoffs.
3) You have gotten to be kidding me about Votto grinding it out. Come on dude, wake up and see the REAL world.
4) What I ask for for a player? Running the ball out instead of half assing it. Make smart plays on the base paths, he is a veteran of the game he should know by now how to run the bases. Don't get picked off late in a game where he is not even going to steal a base. Know your position on the field and don't get caught out of position. Man, this everyone is a winner crap has really soften up some of you guys on here.
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