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Originally Posted by Indiandad View Post
Votto is batting .345/.468/.540 with 39 RBI RISP
Things like that -- or the fact that Votto is in the All Star Game because his fellow MLB players VOTED HIM IN -- just don't matter to vamps. All that matters to him is cheering any possible misstep (valid or not) on Votto's part -- just so he can get on his keyboard to trash him.

Does Joey have a few faults to his game? Of course. But vamps' harping on trivial details like hitting into a DP or taking a called 3rd strike (like everyone who has ever played the game has done many times) reveals him to be nothing more than a sad and pitiful man whose only success in life can come by trying to trash someone who has accomplished more than vamps could ever aspire to.

Agree or disagree anyone?
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