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Originally Posted by eastisbest View Post
A Lot of words are used for a lot of reasons, including "posse." Is this yet another word, only a certain demographic is permitted to use?

As I posted, there are many instances, easily googled, of the word used to refer to Labron's group of friends and associates, by major outlets, previous to this, with no complaint from Labron's camp (oops, is that "ghetto slang?"). So why now the complaint?

How hard do you think it will be for someone with journalistic resources to find a quote from Labron where he refers to his own friends as his "posse?"

I can name any number of people, "race" not relevant who use that word to refer to their friends and associates. Anyone tried to tell me I can't use it because I'm wrong race or referring to someone of the "wrong" race, f them, no matter what color they are.
Yeah, people will joke about a "Twitter posse", or "runnin' with the posse", but it usually seems to have some mock-menacing connotations. I think it goes back to some punks that called themselves the Spur Posse, and not long thereafter the "wilding" kids harassing and even raping women in parks and such used the word "posse" to describe themselves.
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