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Ok, this thread is getting cool. Many people seem to think the Reds are light years from contending...however, where was Cleveland at on the American League radar map beginning in '16? Not that ESPN knows alot about baseball, but they do have quite a staff of baseball "people". On April 1, they published an article where 31 of their "experts" picked their division winners and their playoff winners. 11 of the 31 took the Indians to win the division. One (Tony Biengino) took the Tribe to make the world series. Meanwhile, 27 of the 31 took the Cubs to win the NL Central, and 18 have them in the world series and 14 have them winning it.

My point is that while no one thinks the Reds have a shot at the division next year, and they probably don't, they certainly can be competitive. When I look at the Indians, I don't see a team that markedly better than the Reds. YOU CAN WIN BASEBALL GAMES WITHOUT STARS. Kluber is a stud and is a very good starting pitcher, but they have a bunch of kids who came through, the picked up Miller mid season and solidified their bullpen, otherwise, they have a pretty non-descript lineup. Lindor's going to be great, but he's 22 years old.