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Originally Posted by wolves82 View Post
Backend bullpen guys have no value on teams with sub-par starting pitching. Getting holds and saves on a 70-win team is pointless. It is ALL about starting pitching. Five best guys need to be in the rotation. That means Iglesias. If he gets hurt, he gets hurt, but need to try to do what is smart.

If you have doubts, go here:

This list of pitchers salaries illustrates what is valuable. Starting pitching. When you get down to the 40th highest salary you start to see names like Chapman, Kimbrel, Robertson - the closers.
I understand and respect that...but...IF YOU WANT TO BE GOOD, you need a great bullpen. Iglesias has not proven to me that he can be a long term, solid starting pitcher in major league baseball. He's 25, he's not a project anymore. It's put up time for him. He could be a back end bullpen guy for this team for the next 5 years. He could start and blow his arm out and be out of baseball in 2 years.