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Originally Posted by Jteegardner View Post
calling me dense??? Really?? If these people called Elder to ask what was done, then perhaps they can share what is being done. And Yes what Kyle did is amazing but read the entire post and see how people blast the archdiocese. That isn't negative. I am done and if you care to discuss this further Pm me and I will give my phone # and we can discuss this further, you see I don't hide behind a keyboard and insult people.
Calling you dense? No. I said you made a dumb comment because you did. That isn't insulting you, it's insulting the ridiculous comment you made. The school hasn't shared anything, otherwise it would have been shared on here. Not sure what to tell you.

So just because some people blasted the archdiocese (rightfully so), that somehow means there were no positive comments about Kyle and his contributions to the school? No, you just want to see negative so you block out the positive. P.S. I guess you also missed the few comments on Mr. McCloud and his accomplishments? Again, you only see negative because that's all you want to see.
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