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Originally Posted by CincyHSFootballFan View Post
My point of re bringing this up is multifaceted.

1). I am a busy person, honestly was not sure what has been done, if anything. I have not come across anything they have done, outside of the Klusmann event.

2). I personally feel it is important that while this event happened months ago, that we keep tabs on the response.

3). Most importantly, I do not get paid or my job is not to solve this for Elder. I am just an interested alum and this is a discussion forum for all things Elder. I am sure there are far smarter minds in the administration that share many of my same concerns. I personally think it just shows Elder's greatest weakness and threat to its future that they won't acknowledge it.
It's good that you asked, but right now everything seems to exist inside the bubble of this forum--and will remain here unless people take action in the real world (in person conversation, letters, phone calls, emails, etc.) I'd suggest just taking your 3 paragraph post from earlier, expanding it a little by offering some suggestions and send it to the administration.
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