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The more I get involved in this the worse job I feel the ohsaa is doing.first off you have one big division. "Hey let's host a state wise JH championship but only do one division.". Then there is the $10 per athlete fee. Well that doesn't seem like something a non profit organization should be doing. Then the honor roll. FAT times are mandatory but not taking field events from meets that aren't FAT times. Really? I have 3 kids easily in this thing but their marks were at a FAT meet. We have home quads with officials at each event. Went to a invite that was timed FAT and Uncle Riko was running long jump. Do you think they will check that meet for registered officials?

Then the time schedule. 11am for field and 2pm for running. Really? 3 hours for a meet with only 16 kids in an event?
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