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I am going to attempt to tier DI-DIII jobs into best to worst. Please leave me your thoughts as well. I want to learn more about these schools.

Tier 1-
Westerville Central- Great area, some tradition, lots of kids with pretty good talent.
Berlin- New School, Great Area, the other Olentangy schools normally win.
Moeller- Would be my top, but the recruiting for Cincy Catholic is just so cutthroat. GCL
South is toughhhhhhh.
Tier 2-
Lebanon- Tradition is ok, good support, can compete every year in their side of GWOC.
Tier 3-
Westland- Just don't see the success happening.
Middletown- Pass on this job just hearing the horrow stories of parents, players and the
previous coach really hurt this job with the death threats comment.

Tier 3-
Lakeside- Tough job based on history.
Lakewood- Can a coach even win here due to St. Ed's!?!?

Tier 1-
Norwalk- Some history of success. Down years last 2 but still competitive.
Butler- Nice area at the Crossroads. Good town with decent support. Questions remain
on firing a coach after 2 years though he seemed to lose the team and school.
Tier 2-
Revere- Some decent teams here and there.
McKinley- Similar to Revere. Some history of decent teams here and there.
Tier 3-
Shawnee- Hard to sustain any type of success here for some reason.
Ponitz- Cannot win with White at Belmont and Dunbar winning. DPS open enrollment
makes job incredibly hard.
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