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Originally Posted by Crusaders View Post
Rosen has diva written all over him. He'll hate being in Cleveland and Cleveland will hate him. He's the only QB I would actually avoid if I were the Browns. I might even dangle the first pick to the Giants if they really want Rosen.
If they could "sell" their interest in him enough to swap picks with NYG and leverage something out of them, fine.

Originally Posted by cabezadecaballo View Post
And Rosen wants to be a Giant.

Cleveland has the most vibrant Jewish community between NYC and Chicago. Tons of medical brats like himself that he could identify with readily. A thriving arts dynamic. He could be very happy here.

Giants' #2 this year, 2nd rounder next year AND either this year's 4th or next years 3rd for Rosen on our #1 this year. Go Colts!!
If they did sign Bradford without drafting Rosen, that likely puts Kizer on the field again, because Bradford is fragile and Rosen would probably be the only draftee I would allow to start this coming year. Even Darnold only gets mop-up time for me unless he really progresses significantly.

On passes not targeting Coleman and Louis last week, Kizer was 15/22 for almost 300. Ricardo Louis was 0/2, and Corey Coleman was 1/6. Even with Gordon drawing all the attention, Coleman still sucks. What a disappointment.
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