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Originally Posted by yakyak View Post
With his inclusion on the U-18 team, where does everyone put Luke Kennard on the list of all time Dayton area great high school players?

--Outside the 10 ten greatest ever
--One of the ten greatest players ever

I think it would be hard to name 9 better high school basketball players. That is saying a lot considering the history of the Dayton area.
There are 10 better players better from DPS alone not even including the suburbs. He may fall in the top 20, maybe. Now if your speaking solely on stats yeah of course, but stats can be inflated because of competition. Anyway he is a great HS talent and the Franklin folks should enjoy this last ride. I would be anxious to see how he performs in the world games. My bet is he will excel at what he does best. Shooting the ball.
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