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Originally Posted by Yuckmouth View Post
Really love his ability but the Dayton things is a hard pill to swallow right now. I would pay to see him play and do not discount his abilities but all the Dayton area greats were forged within the city limits. You have a list of kids from Dayton who have opportunities at the NBA to forge their own legacies. I think time will tell the story I wish Luke well and continued success.

This is difficult because a Dunbar team may have had 3 guys that could lead a squad and score 30 a game. AJ Harris has Dawson, and Landers among others that can get it done if they chose to play on a lesser team for points over chances at championships. Norris Cole, Geron Johnson, Aaron Pogue, all did the same things. Mark Alstork shared the scoring duties with Joe Thomasson who is highly regarded in basketball circles and had great team success. Gary Akbar, Teddy Hawkins just to name a few recently good players that all can play. They prove it against each other in the downtown ymca. This is a good debate but very hard to answer to date.
I hope your intention was not to put the players you list on the same level as Luke Kennard. If not, my apologies.
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