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This question is all about how you view football. For best players recruited to college or potential NFLers, Texas, Cali and Florida are the three best with Ohio, PA and Georgia in the next tier.

I look at football a little more holistically with how it fits into the overall scheme. Football is a tremendous community builder at its best and plenty of people grow up not going to big time college or the NFL and still have bonds from their days on the grid iron together. Within just the high schools, it can be a cause to rally around in a way that nothing else can. Now obviously you have to do it well too, in the question of OH, TX, PA, FL and CA, I would say Ohio is a strong pound for pound type of state with part of the equation, the other benefits of a strong football state I believe Ohio does better than anyone except maybe Texas.

Even there, I think Ohio has a firm grasp on the reality of high school football. The vast majority of communities are not sinking millions of dollars into stadiums that are nicer than some colleges, football has a place for schools but it is not the absolute most important place. I like that Ohio does not do Spring football, they emphasize other sports or other activities on a scholastic level. Vince Lombardi wrote that the values of the game are more important than the events that occasion them and I think Ohio takes this to heart.