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Trotwood Rumor flying

I think I read on here it was one Trotwood player. The player I am hearing is Myles! This would be a huge loss for Trotwood with an already loaded D2 now in Southwest Ohio. I also heard there is a 4th player transferring, the star Freshman from Stivers (name escapes me). But I heard Hoskins is really trying to assemble a high school version of a "super team"

I hope Myles stays, the Trotwood community, players and coaching staff talk very highly of him. I don't know what he would gain from Transferring to Middletown that he cant get at Trotwood. Myles and Amari Davis would be a great duo along with the Young guys Sammy and Carl. Justin is a solid big man down low also. Leaves you scratching your head but I am sure it will work itself out. Rocky please fight for our players.

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