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WILT's 100!

In the 61'-62' season Elgin Baylor scored 71 breaking his own record of 64, from the year before.

Then in a game between the Lakers and the Warriors that ended regulation 109-109, Wilt had 53 and Elgin 47. By the time the tripple overtime affair ended Baylor had put in 63 but Wilt had broken the old record by scoring 78.

About a month later in a game against the Chicago Packers, an expansion team, Wilt put in 73 in regulation. The result more often than not was a game against Syracuse, who beat the Warriors by one point. Wilt was 9-27 from the foul line in that game and actually shot below 50 % from the foul line for the season.

Then the epic game occurred on March 2, 1962 in Hershey P.A. at the Hershey arena in a game between the Warriors and the Knicks. This amazing event, during a season when Wilt averaged over 50 points per game happened in front of just 4,124 spectators.

That something magical was taking place should have been recognized by the fact that The Dipper hit his first nine foul shots.

First quarter Warriors led 42-26 and Wilt had 23
Second quarter, Wilt tossed in a meager 18, for a total of 41 at the half.
In the third quarter Wilt popped in 28 and entered the fourth quarter with 69.
In quarter four Wilt had 75 with 10 minutes and 10 seconds to go.

With five minutes to go in quarter four, Wilt was at 89. With two minutes to go Wilt made three free throws to hit 92.

By this time Wilt was bringing the ball down the floor and he hit a long jumper for 94, and then another jump shot for 96.

With one minute and 19 seconds to go Wilt had 98 and was guarding the inbounds' play. He stole the ball but missed , got a rebound and missed again. Coming back down after a Knicks foul shot, Wilt missed again.

Finally, with 46 seconds to play Wilt got a lob pass and laid it in for his 99th. and 100th. points. Now, it is well known that the Knicks were fouling him and that the Warriors were giving him the ball on most plays - exclusively near the end. Also, the Warriors were fouling the Knicks whenever they had the ball to stop the clock.

No photographers- just Wilt holding a small tablet page with the number 100 written on it.

Wilt scored 31 in the fourth quarter.

In the excitement at the end, the ball was placed in Wilt's carry-on bag but lost, never to be found again. A fake ball turned up about a decade ago and was sold for around $500,000. Later determined to be a fraud, the deal was rescinded.

Over the years Chamberlain lamented the side-show aspect to the end of the game and spoke about the 63 shots he had taken. Noting that no team in a pick up game would have tolerated his ball hogging.

Partially lost was the fact that Wilt made 36 shots. And, more amazingly he was a scorching 28-32 from the line (87%). Seventy two points on two point baskets and 28 single foul shots for a cool 100 points. Kobe Bryant has come the closest with 81.

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