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And some more... .

Clyde Lovellette elbowed Wilt viciously in a game and some of Wilt's teeth went backward and punctured the roof of his mouth. Then Willie Naulls did the same thing a couple of games later when Wilt had resumed play wearing a mask.
An infection set in and blood poisoning that led to Wilt losing fourth teeth.

Wilt had dental problems the rest of his life because of these incidents. As the Dipper would say, "It's not easy being Goliath".

Wilt's first year he broke Bob Pettit 's one year scoring record by 600 points when he went for 2,707. He also broke Russel's one year rebounding record of 1,612 by grabbing 1,941.

As might be expected in the late 50's teams traveled by train and bus.

The Minneapolis Lakers drafted Elgin Baylor in '58 from Seattle University and signed him for a one year salary of $20,000.

Interestingly enough, Baylor had a great head fake and a herky-jerky movement when driving, and was actually afflicted with something called Ataxia. This would manifest itself when Elgin was nervous and cause his head to dip toward his shoulders when he was under stress; i.e., in a game. (Watch a clip of Elgin playing and you can see this physical movement.)
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