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Here we go with Part three of the Early NBA Quiz:

38. Tommy Kearns jumped center for North Carolina the night they beat Kansas in the final. Within 2 inches how tall was Kearns. (Hint: Frank McGuire had Kearns jump to upset Wilt and get in his head.) KEARNS WAS 5'9"

39. Was the game in the 40's, 50's 60's or 70's? THE GAME WAS IN THE 1950's.

40. How many overtimes - if any? THREE

41. Bill Russel was not the rookie of the year in '56, who was? TOMMY HEINSOHN FROM HOLY CROSS

42. Russel told the winner that he ought to give him half of the check because the winner didn't deserve all of it. Was the check $300, $600, or $900? HEINSOHN GOT A WHOPPING $300.

Just some filler:

Ed Finke a garage mechanic in Cincinnati and Red got into a fight in the stands at Cincinatti Garden. When Finke dropped his pursuit of the case, Red left him tickets every time the Celtics played there.

Wilt's NBA debut was Oct 24, 1959. He dropped 43 and 28 on the Knicks.

Attendance increased by almost one fourth when Wilt entered the league.

Wilt got 58 in his second game which was against the Pistons.

43. The playoff pool for the winner of the championship to be split by the winning team members was under $20,000 - within $1,500 how much was the pot? THE AMOUNT OF MONEY TO BE SPLIT BY THE ENTIRE WINNING TEAM WAS $18,500.

44. In 1985 Wilt stated he was paid $4,00 a year at Kansas by boosters. In 1968 he was offered a contract of $46,000; with incentives it could rise to $55,000, $65,000 or $75,000? $65,000

45. Russel couldn't play golf at the Worcester Country Club with Cousy. Why not? UNSPOKEN RULE ON NO BLACKS

46. Who was the NBA rookie of the year in '55? MAURICE STOKES

47. This rookie died at the age of 37. Who was his caretaker from the time he became ill until he passed away? JACK TWYMAN

48. Of Red A's nine championship, how many were won in a row? EIGHT

48. Despite being a dictatorial coach, Red was very loyal. From the time Russel joined the team how many players did Red Auerbach trade over the next ten years?

49. Who were the top three Celtic draft picks in '56? RUSSEL< K.C. and HEINSOHN

More... . Wilt high jumped 6'10" in high school, threw a 16 pound shot 55' and ran a quarter mile in 47 seconds. Wilt's stride in full sprint was nine feet!

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