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I held out just for you, pally!

24. It was Earl Lloyd who was the first Black player to play in a game.

25. Not sure about the Boston Bruins but it was Walter Brown who brought the Boston Marathon to Bean Town and fired the starting pistol to begin the race for several decades.

33. When Saperstein discussed playing for the Trotters , Bill's coach Phil Wolpert was present and Abe talked exclusively with Wolpert. Bill, never one to not address a preceived affront, was humiliated and promised he would never play for Abe S. in anything.

37. Wilt got his 31 boards and dipped for 51 points against the Wildcats of Northwestern.

I will update the tote board with complete answers to all of part two and I have a third installment ready to go, allowing for the fact that we are hitting the major bowl games and many of you will be out and about the next few days, the next segment may be posted and allowed to ride for several days.

Good showing by the smartest guys in the room!
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