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(I had about half of what you are reading done and hit a wrong button and lost it all!!)


24. Three of the early Black NBA players were Earl Lloyd, Nate "Sweetwater" Cliffton and Chuck Cooper - who actually played in the first game. EARL LLOYD OF THE WASHIGNTON CAPS PLAYED FIRST.

25. Walter Brown inherited the Celtics from his father, George. George was famous in another way in the city of Boston in another sport - what? GEORGE BROWN BROUGHT OR CREATED THE FIRST BOSTON MARATHON AND WAS THE STARTER OF THE RACE.

26. Bill Russel had an unheard of event take place when trying out for the varsity team as a junior at McClymonds' H.S. - what was it. (Hint, Bill had not made the jv team as a sophomore.) RUSSEL WAS CUT HIS SOPHOMORE YEAR FROM THE JV SQUAD. AS A JUNIOR, HE WAS CUT ONCE AGAIN FROM THE JV TEAM BY THE NEW JV COACH. THE NEW VARSITY COACH - THE JV COACH WHO CUT BILL THE YEAR BEFORE - SUGGESTED THAT BILL TRY OUT FOR THE VARSITY. HE DID AND MADE THE VARSITY, INSTEAD.

27. Figuring his chance of attending college hinged solely on receiving a scholarship because there was no money to do so without it, Bill instead applied for an apprentice position in what area in the San Francisco ship yards? RUSS APPLIED AS A JOURNEY MAN SHEET METAL WORKER.

28. How many scholarship offers did Bill Russel receive? (Wilt 's total was over 200.) BILL RUSSELL RECEIVED ONE SCHOLARSHIP OFFER; THE ONE FROM THE DONS.

29. Who was assigned Bill's room mate at S.F.? K.C. JONES, WHO I BELIEVE HAD JUST LEFT THE MILITARY.

30. What team did S.F. beat for its 48th. win a row that establish a record for consecutive victories? COLLEGE OF THE PACIFIC

31. The NBA and the Globetrotters had an uneasy alliance; i.e., leave the Black basketball players for The Trotters. Who owned the Globetrotters? ABE SAPPERSTEIN

32. The Globies were once called the Savoy Big Five because they played in The Savoy Ballroom in what city? CHICAGO

33. Bill Russel turned down a $50,000 offer from Globetrotter's owner for what reason? SAPERSTEIN TALKED ONLY TO PHIL WOLPERT, BILL'S COACH, EVEN THOUGH BILL WAS STANDING RIGHT THERE.

34. Russel wanted to play in the '56 Olympics. This meant missing about one -fourth of the NBA season. Because of this The Rochester Royals took Sihugo Green from Duquense. At the time of the draft there was a rumor that Walter Brown, who was a part owner of the Ice Capades, had promised Lester Harrison, owner of the Royals, two more weeks of the Ice Capades, if the Royals would pass on Russel. Since denied many times over but back then... . Next was Ben Kerner drafting for the Hawks and Red A. proposed a trade for the rights to Russel. Who did Red trade for Russel? (two players). EASY ED MCCAULEY AND CLIFF HAGEN.

35. The highest paid player in the league was Bob Cousy. Did the Cous make $15,000, $25,000 or $35,000? THE BOSTON MAGICIAN MADE $25,000. GREAT MONEY!

36. Russel's first game was Dec. 22. 1956 against Bob Pettit's Hawks. He played two quarters and scored only 6 points but he did have a lot of rebounds. Within 3, how many rebounds did Russ. garner in the two quarters? Never known as a shooter, in one contest Bill Russel missed 15 straight shots! But, boy could he block and go to the rack!! BILL RUSSELL HAD 16 REBOUNDS IN THOSE TWO QUARTERS

37. In Wilt's first game at Kansas he had 52 points and 31 rebounds. Rock, chalk, Jayhawk won by a score of 87-69 over a Big Ten school. What team? THE WILDCATS OF NORTHWESTERN

There you go with part two! No limits, no time restraints, etc. Answers tomorrow late afternoon or early evening.

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