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gutwrench79 09-30-18 08:18 PM

Red Lion Wrestling Club At Lasalle
Red Lion wrestling club at LaSalle
Free elementary and Jr high open mats continue tues and thurs 6:30-730 thru the end of October. Club details on schedule and cost will posted soon. Thanks to everyone who has supported the effort this spring and summer


Jeff Byrd

gutwrench79 10-02-18 07:51 PM

Room continues to grow in size and talent. Tues and Thurs 6:30-7:30 free!! Thru Oct.

HARD WORK ALL the Time!!

gutwrench79 10-08-18 07:59 PM

Free open mats for Elementary and Jr High continue Tues. and Thurs. 6:30-7:30 thru the end of October. Club will Run Monday, Tuesday and Thursday 6:30-8. Details on Cost will be posted soon.

Any questions feel free to give me a call
Jeff Byrd

gutwrench79 10-09-18 07:27 PM

Another awesome group tonight!! Free thru the end of October. Come check it out

gutwrench79 10-10-18 05:28 PM

Registration is now open see the link below for pricing info
Elite Mon.,Tues. and Thurs. 6:30-8
Beginners Weds. 6:30-7:30

Details on the team gear to follow


Coach Root 10-11-18 03:47 PM

Excited to see the numbers growing. I'm looking forward to finally getting back into the room on the youth side with my own sons joining the program. It should be a fun season.

Coach Root

gutwrench79 10-11-18 04:13 PM

Going again tonight 6:30-7:30 Free!!

gutwrench79 10-14-18 06:16 AM

Looks like we are going to have a great group at the club this season!!

gutwrench79 10-17-18 11:23 AM

Please review the website we made a cost adjustment to make the club more affordable for families


gutwrench79 10-18-18 07:37 PM

Great Room tonight be sure to visit the website to sign up for the season

gutwrench79 10-19-18 04:24 PM

Sign up now to see the link for Team gear

gutwrench79 10-21-18 08:21 AM


gutwrench79 10-23-18 09:32 AM

Going tonight 6:30-7:30 free come check it out

gutwrench79 10-25-18 09:16 PM

Club Starts Nov 1st Sign up now don't miss out !!

gutwrench79 10-30-18 09:23 AM

Last free session tonight 6:30-7:30. Club starts this Thursday 6:30 to 8. Drop in $10 or register for the season


gutwrench79 10-30-18 07:44 PM

Great Room tonight. Thanks to everyone who helped make the open mats a success. Don’t miss out club starts Thursday

gutwrench79 11-01-18 06:49 AM

First club practice tonight 6:30-8

gutwrench79 11-01-18 08:55 PM

Awesome room come check it out. The clubs at LaSalle has consistently produced OAC State Champs and Placers

gutwrench79 11-04-18 06:05 PM

Congrats to everyone who competed today at The Barbarian Nationals and help win the team title!! See you at practice tomorrow Still not to late to sign up

gutwrench79 11-06-18 06:04 AM

Great room last night!! Come check it out tonight 6:30-8

gutwrench79 11-08-18 06:17 AM

Tonight 6:30-8

gutwrench79 11-12-18 02:36 PM

Back at this week Monday Tuesday and Thursday 6:30-8. Plenty of good partners all ages and sizes

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