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vamp2syd 04-01-17 12:02 PM

What Movies Did You Watch in April 2017?
As a horror movie junkie, I come across a lot of off beat Horror movies as well as the run in the mill straight to video. I will share my thoughts of the ones that I see this month. So, if you seen a movie new or old and want to share your thoughts go ahead, and if its horror, even better!!!!

I will edit in my horror views here with my rating scale on how I liked it.....

8 = Donnie Darko
7 = Excellent !!!!!
6 = Great
5 = pretty Good
4 = OK/Good
3 = not good
2 = Bad
1 = Unwatchable


#3631 The Charnel House (US-2016) ... 3.0/8

#3632 When Michael Calls (US-1972) ... 5.5/8

#3633 Los Inocentes (Argentina-2015) ... 4.0/8

#3634 Secreto Matusita (Peru-2014) ... aka The Secret of Evil ... 2.0/8

#3635 Earth, Air, Fire, and Water (US-1973) ... 2.5/8

#3636 They Look Like People (US-2015) ... 3.5/8

#3637 Terror Train (Canada-1980) ... 4.5/8

#3638 Évolution (France-2015) ... 6.0/8

#3639 Really You (Canada-2010) ... 5.0/8

#3640 Los inocentes (Spain-2013) ... 2.5/8

#3641 Sacrifice (Ireland-2016) ... 2.5/8

#3642 Dark Summer (US-2015) ... 3.0/8

#3643 Orgy of the Dead (US-1965) ... 1.0/8

#3644 Men Against Fire (UK-2016) ... 5.5/8

#3645 Gojira X Mekagojira (Japan-2002) ... aka Godzilla 26: Godzilla Against MechaGodzilla ... 4.0/8

#3646 Meet The Blacks (US-2016) ... 2.5/8

#3647 The Pact 2 (US-2014) ... 3.0/8

#3648 Then Tortured (Canada-2010) ... 4.0/8

#3649 Archivo 253 (Mexico-2015) ... 2.5/8

#3650 Hated in the Nation (UK-2016) ... 6.0/8

#3651 From the Dark (Ireland-2014) ... 2.5/8

#3652 Extraterrestrial (Canada-2014) ... 4.0/8

#3653 #Horror (US-2015) ... 5.0/8

#3654 Ejecta (Canada-2014) ... 2.0/8

#3655 The Secrets of Emily Blair (US-2016) ... 3.0/8

#3656 Busanhaeng (South Korea-2016) ... aka Train to Busan ... 7.0/8

#3657 The Windmill (Netherlands-2016) ... 6.0/8

#3658 Abattoir (US-2016) ... 5.0/8

#3659 Doorway to Death (UK-1973) ... 4.5/8

#3660 Manhattan Baby (Italy-1982) ... 4.5/8

vamp2syd 04-01-17 12:34 PM

The Charnel House (2016)

Horror: An old slaughter house is reconditioned into lofts. As tenants move in the dark secrets start to reveal themselves. It really wasn't that bad I just did not like the plot/reveal..... 3.0/8

When Michael Calls (1972)

Horror: Helen receives a phone call from Michael from out of the blew.... the problem is that Michael died as a small child over 15 years ago.... Love the early 70's.... 5.5/8

eastisbest 04-01-17 02:50 PM

Rogue One -8/8 So bad it's fun to talk about how bad it is. So bad, Hayden Christensen playing Jar Jar Binks would have made it better.

ronnie mund 04-01-17 03:10 PM

Saw these over the past couple of days

Rise of the Planet of the Apes - 8/8

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes: 7.5/8

Sig Hansen 04-01-17 03:21 PM

The Lives of Others - 6/8, really good Cold War spy flick.

Sig Hansen 04-02-17 02:45 PM

John Wick - 5/8

Surprisingly good

ronnie mund 04-02-17 02:51 PM

5/8 is "Pretty good" Sig.

Sig Hansen 04-02-17 03:21 PM

Don't tell me how to live my life.

vamp2syd 04-02-17 04:15 PM

Los Inocentes (Argentina-2015)

Drama/Horror: Argentina, 19th century plantation. A man returns home with his bride to find that a lot has changed since he was sent away as a small child. This one took awhile before it started to get going.... 4.0/8

Secreto Matusita (Peru-2014)

Horror: "The Secret of Evil" ... Found footage film that breaks the rules. 3 people go missing while exploring a haunted house and we get to see the video that was found.... well, I am a fan in general of found footage but this one was one of the worst by annoying cuts to different camera angles of people talking.... why? We just need one.... who the heck edited the found footage film.... the police? Come on guys, if you are going to make a found footage film then MAKE a found footage film..... 2.0/8

Crusaders 04-02-17 06:54 PM

Nine Lives - 8/8. Kevin Spacey is a talking cat. Christopher Walken is a crazy pet shop owner. Bad CGI. Bad acting. Cheesy neo-90s kid film purrfection.

fish82 04-03-17 05:59 AM

Saw Skull Island Saturday night. 6/8...surprisingly good. Great cast, and setting it in 1973 was excellent. Essentially Apocalypse Now with monsters...win/win IMO.

PantherProud 04-03-17 07:29 AM

Power Rangers: 5.75/8

They changed a fair bit from the TV show, but what they change works well. I don't mind when source material is changed when the changes work well in the new version. Agree with some of the complaints that I've seen in that they take a little to long to BECOME Power Rangers. Granted, it all works well and there's nothing specific I'd cut, but probably 70% of the movie is before they become a team. The rest is the backstory and them learning to trust each other and "earn their power." And while I've seen Elizabeth Banks performance praised as a highlight of the film, it didn't quite work for me. She's good in the role, I just would have liked to have seen them take her role as seriously as they did the rest of the movie.

Life: 6.25/8

A very fun Sci-Fi movie. Great performances all around. This generation's Alien? I kind of wish the reddit theory on this being a backdoor Venom origin story were true. If you're familiar with the Marvel Character Venom, and have seen Life, you'll get that.

Man on a Ledge: 5/8

This was one of the free moves I got when I opened my VUDU account 2 or 3 years ago. Finally watched it and was pleasantly surprised. It's about an ex-cop who escapes from jail (where he was sent for stealing a $40M diamond) and gets out on a ledge threatening to jump. It's all a distraction for a bigger plan though, which I won't spoil.

Three Musketeers (2011): 5.75/8

Forgot how much I liked this movie. Solid cast, great fight sequences. A shame we never got the sequel.

vamp2syd 04-03-17 07:10 PM

Earth, Air, Fire, and Water (1973)

Horror: A group of artists opens up a mysterious trunk unleashing something sinister. Just could not get into it.... 2.5/8

They Look Like People (2015)

Horror: A long time friend suddenly turns up believing that some people are not really human.... 3.5/8

vamp2syd 04-04-17 07:40 PM

Terror Train (Canada-1980)

Horror: Jamie Lee Curtis survived her first bout with Michael Meyers but now she has to dodge a slasher while on a train. Middle of the pack 80's slasher film!!!! ... 4.5/8

Évolution (France-2015)

Horror: A young boy discovers something is not right in his small coastal community where all the adults are female and all the children are male. Évolution was a strange film with little dialogue and no music score. Very H.P. Lovecraft like. If you like action stay far away from this one but if you like atmosphere with a strange ambiguous tale then this is for you..... 6.0/8

vamp2syd 04-05-17 07:55 PM

Really You (Canada-2010)

Horror: A spoiled brat gets her dream doll, a life size duplicate of herself, but it soon turns nightmarish when the doll takes on a life of it's own. The actress who played the little girl did an amazing job.... 5.0/8

Los inocentes (Spain-2013)

Horror: Spanish slasher film that takes place in an abandoned inn where 9 friends end up for the night. I found this film under the title "Bloody April Fools" but no where in the film does this title show up nor does the film take place on April 1st as it takes place in December.... anyhow, this was more annoying than anything else... 2.5/8

Descartes 04-08-17 01:51 PM

Split- 5.75. Would've been a full point higher if not for the ending, but Mcavoy was outstanding.

Descartes 04-09-17 01:09 PM

Everybody Wants Some- 6/8. Fun movie, doesn't take itself too seriously.

ronnie mund 04-09-17 01:16 PM

Fantastic Mr. Fox - 7/8
Wall-E - 6/8

vamp2syd 04-10-17 11:38 AM

Sacrifice (Ireland-2016)

Horror: A surgeon discovers a body that was buried on her newly acquired property in the Shelton Islands. Something just does not add up and of course she on the case..... This was OK for the first half but then it just go way to predictable.... 2.5/8

Dark Summer (2015)

Horror: A teen is sentenced to house arrest and discovers that a girl that had committed suicide is haunting him. Not to good.... 3.0/8

vamp2syd 04-10-17 11:42 AM

Orgy of the Dead (1965)

Horror: More like horrific. This was a Ed Wood film so you kind of know what you are getting yourself into to. A couple have an accident and end up at a grave yard where ghouls dance topless. Basically, nothing more than a burlesque show.... sure, lots of nudity but I am not 13 anymore.... 1.0/8

Men Against Fire (UK-2016)

Horror: From Black Mirror... A soldier goes on his first mission following the attack from a mutant race called Roaches to clear the area... 5.5/8

eastisbest 04-10-17 04:21 PM

Doctor Strange: 5-6/8 I thought this was supposed to be a bomb? I liked it. Some cool graphics, slight sense of humor. The humor did surprise me, his doctor persona seemed way serious but I enjoyed it.

PantherProud 04-10-17 05:40 PM


Originally Posted by eastisbest (Post 6747449)
Doctor Strange: 5-6/8 I thought this was supposed to be a bomb? I liked it. Some cool graphics, slight sense of humor. The humor did surprise me, his doctor persona seemed way serious but I enjoyed it.

who has claimed it's a bomb? It made $677M worldwide, and while I don't agree I've seen some critics call it Marvel's best movie to date.

eastisbest 04-10-17 08:10 PM


Originally Posted by PantherProud (Post 6747472)
who has claimed it's a bomb? It made $677M worldwide, and while I don't agree I've seen some critics call it Marvel's best movie to date.

I didn't check on it, I just thought I'd recalled reading that. Yeah, I wouldn't agree either that it's "the best" but goes to taste I suppose. I liked Ant Man, a lot.

ronnie mund 04-11-17 02:16 AM


Originally Posted by Crusaders (Post 6741475)
Nine Lives - 8/8. Kevin Spacey is a talking cat. Christopher Walken is a crazy pet shop owner. Bad CGI. Bad acting. Cheesy neo-90s kid film purrfection.

What compelled you to watch this?

Crusaders 04-11-17 02:29 AM

I honestly don't know

ronnie mund 04-11-17 05:59 AM

I like watching those awful Syfy type movies on Netflix where the budget is like $200 and it's always something vs something else. Cowboys vs Dinosaurs is a good one I've watched recently.

Purplemojo 04-12-17 02:10 PM

I just watched Winchester 73 (1950) for my 4th or 5th time. Westerns do not get any better than that. I hope to see Raw this weekend. That one is right up Vamps ally.

Winchester 73 8/8

Purplemojo 04-19-17 05:33 PM

M (1931) Great crime film as cops and the underworld compete to bring a child killer to justice. It considers many issues of criminal justice and mental illness. I have always thought of Peter Lorre as just a creepy side-kick to Bogie and others but he carries the film here.


fish82 04-19-17 05:42 PM

Finally caught Logan last night. Solid flick...6.5/8.

PantherProud 04-19-17 05:53 PM

The Girl on the Train: 6.5/8

Thoroughly enjoyed it. Lots of twists and turns in the story. People who have read the book seem to like that more though.

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