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EXPRESS 04-20-18 01:57 PM

Top Candidates for Mcauley....
With the departure of Wallace, who's left out there to take on this loaded program?

Girls hoops fan 04-21-18 06:49 PM

Here are 3 places they should start:

Nick Baltimore- assistant coach MND. Knows the conference, knows the game and has great Aau ties.

Jamar Mosley - head coach Purcell. Love his energy and passion, would keep the program going in the right direction because kids would want to play for him.

Adam Lazar - head coach Walnut Hills. Never heard of him until the district final. His girls played with a ton of fight and showed a ton of perseverance. Usually a mark of good coaching.

EXPRESS 04-23-18 03:48 PM

rumors flying around the schools are saying its Nick Baltimore.....

EXPRESS 04-30-18 08:34 AM

Nick Baltimore named Head Coach, thoughts...............

Girls hoops fan 04-30-18 05:54 PM

Probably the most qualified of the 3 I had mentioned, especially considering his ties to the conference. He will do well and they shouldn’t miss a beat.

SamMaydayMalone 05-02-18 06:49 AM

Nick is a good guy and a good coach. Great hire for the new combined school.

Kballer 05-02-18 03:04 PM

He is a very good coach, a little bit of a hot head at times during games but he does a great job of preparing teams.

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