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serpico 08-14-17 02:37 PM

Electronic timing
The school I follow doesn't run many large meets and still hand-times everything but is looking to get an electronic timing system. Are there many different types? How are the costs?

Altor 08-14-17 06:43 PM

The two I work with are FinishLynx and Eagle Eye. FinishLynx is definitely the gold standard, but comes at a price. Eagle Eye gets the job done at half the cost.

JAVMAN83 08-15-17 05:37 AM

Make sure that they properly evaluate any records set under hand-timing and that of FAT.

Here are the formulas:

100M, 200M, 110MH, 100MH - Once any FAT time is within 0.24 seconds or less, then the FAT record is superior to the MT. (e.g. - 11.23 FAT is superior to 11.0 MT, 11.24 FAT is a tie, and 11.0 MT remains the record if FAT is 11.25 or higher)

300MH, 400M, 4x100M - Once any FAT time is within 0.14 seconds or less, then the FAT record is superior to the MT.


I realized I needed to follow-up on my earlier post regarding distance above 400m for record consideration.

Note: The methodologies mentioned above and below follow accepted International & National Track & Field Statistician's norms. Any others are not recognized.

For distance above 400m, then here's the way to compare MT to FAT:

> 400M

For example, an 800M time of 2:26.2 MT would only be super-ceded by an FAT performance of 2:26.19 FAT or better. An FAT time of 2:26.20-2:26.29 would be of equal value, while an FAT time of 2:26.30 or greater would be inferior to the 2:26.2 MT.

While some, if not many of you are saying, "but wait, we all know that MT (hand-timing and other non-FAT methods) are inherently problematic, particularly at the HS level where the variations in timing abilities are great, to say the least. However, who is to make the call on a given record? For example, the New Richmond DII district record in the men's 110mH was set in 1990 (prelims) at 13.7 MT by the great Calvin Bostic (Forest Park - anybody remember the Chargers?). Anyway, the fastest time to date for FAT performances out of that district has been 14.79 FAT (wind-legal) this past May. Would anyone be willing to wipe out the 13.7 MT in favor of the 14.79 FAT? Particularly when Bostic was known to run a legal FAT time under 14.00! I think not. That's just one example.

Therefore, the best and RECOGNIZED methodology is to follow the internationally accepted standards described above. The only alternate would be to RETIRE old MT records for the 100M, 200M, 400M, 4x100M, 300MH. Any other distance remain as is. HOWEVER, any superior performances set under MT conditions should be CLEARLY demarcated and presented to the general public for a historically accurate portrayal of the records for whatever meet.

Anyway, my 2 cents.

Finishtiming 08-15-17 11:33 AM

We use finishlynx with all of our timing but eagle is used at many different places also. Eagle eye is cheaper and actually easier to use. I can get you discounts on either system thru my vsathletics reseller status. Just let me know what you want pricing on and I can help you out.

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