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mogadore 01-18-18 03:19 AM

bruce drennen show
Anyone know what happened to the Bruce Drennen show on STO

Fizz 01-19-18 08:32 AM

I think he takes off until spring training starts,that's what happened last year.

cabezadecaballo 01-20-18 05:31 PM

Drennan was unintentionally funny back when he was on WTAM daily after Trivisonno. They hated each other. Petty bickering and stupidity ensued at times.

DB135 01-22-18 03:41 PM

They are on winter hiatus till 2-26.

AAUHoopsOnly 02-05-18 02:38 PM

Drennan is the GOAT

DB135 02-09-18 01:51 AM


Originally Posted by AAUHoopsOnly (Post 6979889)
Drennan is the GOAT

:wallbang: :rolleyes:

thavoice 02-15-18 11:16 AM

SOmetimes ill watch it for a bit after the browns have some sort of browns move to lose a game just to laugh at everyone complaining

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