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Yappi 06-10-18 08:08 PM

Year Round Softball?
Is it good for the softball player to be playing year around?

Heavy Hitter 1 06-11-18 08:07 AM

A lot of female sports play year around. I don't think it is healthy. They should take a least 30 days off just let their bodies rest.

NewOldBlood 06-11-18 11:34 AM

Girls playing at the highest level usually shut down for a few months in the winter and the month of August is usually a slow time. By shutdown, I mean no games. I think the majority of girls still work during that time. I think you will see less tournaments and games being played with the changes in NCAA recruiting rules. Dates have changed, days have been limited and there are a portion of teams that don't attend tournaments where there are no coaches.

Heavy Hitter 1 06-11-18 12:31 PM

Unfortunately a lot of girls who play softball have a schedule similar to this.
Summer Ball
Fall Ball
Winter ball with high school team
High school ball

start over

Yappi 06-11-18 01:04 PM

I've seen some younger teams (10U & 12U) that post their scores and records for the past season. Some of them start in September and play all the way through the Winter in indoor tournaments. I imagine that some of these teams have enough girls that they can fill in for kids that go to play other sports but I'm curious how this works. I can't imagine being on a 12 month schedule for any sport.

Heavy Hitter 1 06-11-18 01:34 PM

This becoming an issue for girls and overuse injuries. Not just in softball, but also in other sports.

SLAGuy 06-13-18 09:53 PM

Girls should be playing more than one sport but its becoming more difficult because to keep up with the other teams, you need to put more time in yourself. Everyone is afraid of getting passed.

mikedyer 06-23-18 03:09 PM

My daughter was never interested in playing other sports.

She got into lifting weights a few years ago and won state a couple times in that, so I guess that's kind of another sport.

Her first high school coaches were adamant about her playing other sports. The pressure was heavy.

Now that high school ball is over and she's on to college she is still training for softball. She's out there running sprints, hitting, power lifting, etc. She's at it about 6 days a week.

They may have more talent than her, no one will ever out work her though.

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