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southernman 10-31-18 09:19 PM

Boys D3 State
Does East Canton repeat?

Lancermania 10-31-18 09:44 PM

Where will Summit finish. Will their coach get the Elder job

Mr. Slippery 10-31-18 10:40 PM


Originally Posted by southernman (Post 7165833)
Does East Canton repeat?

Mt. Gilead looks like the favorite, and despite winning the regional, East Canton still has room for improvement. I'll be pulling for the Hornets. Fort Loramie's 1-2 punch will have them in the hunt, and no way am I counting out McDonald either.

Lancermania 11-01-18 12:57 AM

My picks for the top 4 are as follows:

1. Ft. Loramie
2. Mt. Gilead
3. Smmit
4. Fairfield - Leesburg

psycho_dad 11-01-18 03:44 AM

If Mt. Gilead's 5 just runs OK, how do you beat them? Awful tough.

However, The 3 teams from the NE all have a shot and East Canton looks like they have the most complete team out of everyone. They have the front runner and they have depth through 7. Everyone has a 5 issue in D3. Everyone but EC suffers from not having depth. Understandable in D3. It just looks like there are a lot of teams that are rock solid through 3 and then it gets challenging. Mt. Gilead is beautiful through 4 and then has a 5 issue without a 6 or 7 that can pick up any slack.

Ft. Loramie is beautiful through 3, but drops off from there. are their 4-5 good enough? They might just be. Gilmour Academy is in the same boat. It's all on 4 and 5.

McDonald and Summit have the same issue as FL and GA.

I think I go.
East Canton
Mt. Gilead
Ft. Loramie
Summit Co. Day.

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