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Refman 07-14-15 01:48 PM

One Weekend Football Referee Class
Want to get your football officials license but don't have the time to spend 6-8 weeks on it? The "One Weekend' football officials class is for you! This OHSAA approved weekend will get you licensed as a certified Class 2 football official in just one weekend.
What you can expect:
You will receive the mandatory hours of instruction needed on the rules and mechanics (what to do, signals and areas of responsibility etc ) of the sport, as well as the required field time as you officiate some youth football on Sunday. Class sessions will be on Friday August 28, and Saturday August 29. That Friday night you will attend Fred's crews varsity football game and watch and be part of the pregame. On Sunday August 30th , you will step onto the football field and work a scrimmage! Since you will be on the football field officiating, you will need to purchase the proper uniform prior to the class. More information on this will be sent to you after registration. Also you will need for parking at Ohio State. On Saturday afternoon, you will take your NFHS test, the OHSAA mechanics test and the OHSAA general information test. This class will be taught by Frederick Feeney, a 20 year football official and 27 year wrestling official. Fred has been an instructor for 24 years. He will be assisted in the classroom by 2-3 other certified instructors/veteran officials and then on Sunday you will work side by side with the instructors and other officials. Though this is a condensed timeframe, you will have all the information taught to you, just in a more compressed time frame. Once registered, you will receive your rule books and each week, you will be assigned a rule and mechanics. You will also be sent video to observe. The goal of this weekend is to provide every student with enough knowledge and proficiency to be successful at the entry level in sports officiating. Out of town students, you will need to arrange hotel rooms. Tentative Schedule: Friday August 28 - Class from 9am-3pm. Football Friday Night game from 6pm-10pm @ TBD, Saturday August 29- Class from 9 am - 7pm Sunday August 30 Mechanics scrimmage (site TBD) 10am - 3pm Once you are registered, you will be notified of changes or additions to the schedule. If you have any questions prior, please email Fred: ffeeney45@gmail.com.

Click here to register: http://www.ohsaa.org/officials/permits-new.htm

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