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EagleFan 03-03-18 03:12 PM

2018 Frozen Four
#1 seeds leading the way...Frozen FOur to be skated next weekend...

University School
St. Francis de Sales (Toledo)
St. Ignatius
Random Columbus area team, um I mean Dublin Jerome

Seems likely it will be a St. Francis-St. Ignatius final again

bluengold 03-09-18 04:32 PM

Toledo St. Francis 3
University School 1

St. Ignatius 6
Dublin Jerome 1

Finals on Saturday:
St. Ignatius vs St. Francis

EagleFan 03-10-18 09:34 AM

was an easy matchup to predict even 6 months ago. Wildcats heavy favorites

arizonawildcat 03-10-18 04:01 PM

Last year St. Francis was the heavy favorite and Ignatius blew them off the ice.

arizonawildcat 03-10-18 04:03 PM

4-4 as the first OT begins.

EagleFan 03-10-18 04:06 PM

Maybe they can share the trophy

arizonawildcat 03-10-18 04:19 PM

Maybe, as the games goes into the second OT.

EagleFan 03-10-18 04:39 PM

Congrats to the Prep Wildcats!

arizonawildcat 03-10-18 04:42 PM

Ignatius 5-4 on the powerplay in the second OT. And could someone explain to me what is the difference bewteen a prep team and a "regular" high school team?

arizonawildcat 03-10-18 06:29 PM


Originally Posted by EagleFan (Post 7006748)
Congrats to the Prep Wildcats!

What is the difference between the Ignatius hockey team and the Ed's wrestling team as far as prep status (whatever that is) goes?

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