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AlgonacCoach 04-23-18 12:36 PM

1/12/19 Algonac Michigan Dual Tournament- Multi state ranked teams
12 team tournament.
Michigan Weight Classes. home Weight in
(103, 112, 119, 125, 130, 135, 140, 145, 152, 160, 171, 189, 215, 285)

Last year we had 5 Michigan State Ranked Teams, with some very competitve duals. We are looking to improve the competition, and add a couple more Solid teams.

We will help accommodate any teams who travel for it.

We are also looking at hosting a Friday night JV tournament (TBD)


AlgonacCoach 04-23-18 01:01 PM

Last Years Teams were:

Oxford (State Ranked D1)
Walled Lake Central (State Ranked D1)
Tecumseh (State Ranked D2)
Lake Orion (Numberous Ranked Kids, top three in hardest county in Michigan)
Algonac (State Ranked D3)
New Haven
St Clair
Utica Henry Ford II

Southgate Anderson
Royal Oak

AlgonacCoach 05-03-18 11:10 AM

Contracts are drafted, have 2 spots currently

AlgonacCoach 05-17-18 11:31 AM

Still Have the two spots open. Looking for strong Competition.
Ohio will have one team for sure, Edison High School.
Could Bring in another school from the Buckeye state still

AlgonacCoach 06-12-18 08:18 AM

Drafted more contracts today to include some Illinois Teams into the tournament.
My goal is to have 9 if the 12 teams State Ranked.

AlgonacCoach 07-11-18 10:43 PM

Current list of invites with some details

Oxford- Won our tournament the last two years. Top four in state D1-Confirmed
> Walled Lake Central-took third in tournament last year. Top 8 in state D1-Confirmed
> Tecumseh- Runner Up last year in tournament. Top 8 in state D2 - Confirmed
> New Haven- Competed the last three years, usually goes 1-4. COnfirmed
> Utica Ford-competed last year. Took 6th- lost to Walled Lake Central, Algonac, and Lake Orion. Confirmed
> Lake Orion- competed last year, took 4th in tournament with only lose to Tecumseh
> Southgate Anderson- Competed the last two years, usually finishes middle of the pack.
> Temperance Bedford(Top 8 in state)- I have been trying to get them to come compete for two years now
> Comstock Park(Top 8 in state D3)- Vendetta with thier coach (Fratenrity Brother of mine) Been trying to get them to come across the state and wrestle.
> Mt Morris(Top 8 in state D3)- In our region, never seen them heads up but Want to.
> Edison High School (Milan Ohio)- powerful team from Ohio. Wrestling Warren tower Friday Night also.
> Remus Chippewa Hills(Top 8 in State D3)
> Algonac- Ranked 6th in state D3
> Wheeler High School, Indiana- Top twenty in Indiana, on route to Illinois, Possibly travel stop on way to JO's in July.
>Oak Forest- top 8 in state in Illinois. Small division 1A
>Minooka, Illinois- Top 8 in Illinois (Ranked 6) has over 1600 kids in school
> Chicago hope Academy- Illinois Top 8 1-A Qualifier.

Right now we have 8 confirmed teams with a good group of teams still on invite list.
I can put you in contact with a hotel that’s 20 minutes away with a pool (just under $100 a night per room)
Or a lodge style setting in town for a heck of a lot less. (All sleep there for under $250 total) there is no pool though.

We can have our wrestling moms cook you guys dinner Friday night to save the cost, give you a place to practice and a very hard competition.

AlgonacCoach 09-04-18 09:10 AM

We have 11/12 spots filled now.
Looking for one more Highly competitive team.

Crimsonblooded 10-08-18 11:19 PM

Just interested to see if you filled 12th team yet? Excited to see how Edison does in your tournament up North!

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