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Krasula24 03-24-17 04:20 PM

D2 State Championship: Wauseon (27-1) vs. STSVM(24-5)
This could be a high scoring game or a low scoring game. STSVM has a stout offense & is capable of putting up high numbers. Beating Trotwood was a very good win for them. They have a lot of momentum going into tomorrow.

Wauseon's defense is solid. They completely shut down Eastmoor, only holding them to just 35pts. This should be a very good matchup!

Yappi 03-24-17 05:53 PM

DII Final: Wauseon (27-1) vs Akron St. Vincent-St. Mary (24-5)
Division II State Final:

Wauseon (27-1) vs Akron St. Vincent-St. Mary (24-5), Saturday at 10:45 a.m.

Irish60 03-24-17 07:43 PM

Wauseon will have the size advantage, and 27-1 is about all you need to know about how good they are! But the Irish have dealt with a size disadvantage in seemingly every game this year! They know how to play against bigger teams. And Jayvon Graves will be the best player Wauseon has faced this year. But I do HATE all the talk about the STVM-TM semi as the title game! First, it is terribly unfair and insulting to a fine Wauseon team. And second, the last thing the Irish need is to relax. One more tough opponent... One more solid effort... Go Irish!

Krasula24 03-24-17 09:00 PM

Private vs. Public, Night vs. Day, Man vs. God ... gotta love these matchups :stirthepot:

buckeye53 03-24-17 09:04 PM

Wauseon's 27-1 record speaks for itself. It shows that even when they have a bad night, they can still pull out a win. The Irish have been here before, and I hope with their past history and playing some good hard defense, that it can bring them another title. Go Irish!!!

SeeYaSometime 03-24-17 09:49 PM

Twelve hours until tipoff. Go Irish!

Krasula24 03-25-17 07:44 AM

I think this game will have one of the biggest crowds of the day

Bball216 03-25-17 08:01 AM

SVSM beat that Jackson team I watched last night on the road and they beat Trotwood. That tells me they could beat anybody. Irish in this one.

eastisbest 03-25-17 08:29 AM


Originally Posted by buckeye53 (Post 6735903)
Wauseon's 27-1 record speaks for itself.

It speaks to who they played. They had a fine season but they are a small-town homegrown the caliber of Archbold, who lost badly to Bacon. Their best players are Juniors. For three quarters, they only played even up with the 7-14 fifth place team in the city league, which wasn't particularly strong, committing unforced turn-overs trying to play a run. They don't have the horses for the Fighting Labrons.

Fluke of the regions they got to this game. Your guys are operating on a completely different set of talent pull and competition. We'll see, but don't expect much more than heart. And I don't know that they've even had a situation where they had to show heart, been down big so maybe we'll see that too.

Krasula24 03-25-17 08:48 AM

Enough with the small town bs. There is reason why they made it here. This will not be a blowout at all. Stop over looking them. This will be a close and a good game. Give credit where credit is due.

eastisbest 03-25-17 08:57 AM

Credit was given. They beat their schedule. They're not mine to pimp or over-look. I've no dog in the fight, no reason to prefer Wauseon over The Labrons or vise-versa. I'm simply comparing schedules and results against those schedules. Player draw versus player draw. You have something to dispute either contention, feel free to offer up. Wauseon drawing players from outside Wauseon? Recruiting the Toledo burbs and city are they? How many teams with DI recruits and histories of competing for state are on their schedule?

You do know that what we say here on a message board, can't make your team lose, right?

clarkgriswold 03-25-17 10:02 AM

Much of this game will come down to how Wauseon handles SVSM's pressure.

brian1227 03-25-17 10:04 AM

Waueson 7 turnovers.

wghfan 03-25-17 10:06 AM

No updates?

brian1227 03-25-17 10:10 AM

St v 16 waueson 14

brian1227 03-25-17 10:16 AM

This ball game is over 22 14

BacktoBack 03-25-17 10:16 AM


Originally Posted by clarkgriswold (Post 6736113)
Much of this game will come down to how Wauseon handles SVSM's pressure.

This. When teams start to speed you up, the vice starts to tighten. And fatigue tends to make it worse...

BacktoBack 03-25-17 10:19 AM

Listening on the radio, sounds like turnovers are the difference so far.

BigBulldog 03-25-17 10:23 AM

What's the score?

brian1227 03-25-17 10:23 AM

24 16 t this game iis over.

SeeYaSometime 03-25-17 10:26 AM

SVSM getting shots, just won'T fall. Wauseon having trouble with press. Needed halftime, looking tired.

BigBulldog 03-25-17 10:27 AM

Link to listen to the game?

BacktoBack 03-25-17 10:28 AM

When Wauseon breaks the press, are they able to run the offense? Or are they bothered by M2M in the half court set as well?

BacktoBack 03-25-17 10:29 AM


Originally Posted by BigBulldog (Post 6736128)
Link to listen to the game?

Click through where it says listen live at the Schott.


brian1227 03-25-17 10:30 AM

St v is pressing everywhere.

BigBulldog 03-25-17 10:31 AM

Is Cone playing for SVSM?

BacktoBack 03-25-17 10:36 AM


Originally Posted by BigBulldog (Post 6736133)
Is Cone playing for SVSM?

Cone played sparingly in the first half according to the announcer.

brian1227 03-25-17 10:43 AM

14 turnovers

brian1227 03-25-17 10:49 AM

15 turnovers.

BigBulldog 03-25-17 10:49 AM

7 times baby!

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