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knightflyer150 06-06-18 07:46 PM

Wrestler's family in need...
From our Olentangy Orange Middle School head coach, Brian Hipsher:

"I am sad to report that one of our Orange Wrestling Middle school wrestler's father died suddenly on 5/31. Ian Jones-Carranza was involved and helpful with the middle school program - getting personally involved in instruction (All-American in college). He had just started a new job and did not have life insurance - Nadia, his wife, is raising money for the funeral. I have confirmed with Nadia that this is the legit gofundme page. Please pray for Idell Ferguson (the Orange wrestler), his mother Nadia, and his 5 brothers and sisters. If you feel led to help with funeral costs the gofundme link is attached."


MitSulHer 06-08-18 02:13 PM

SO sorry to hear about this. When you go to the link the picture is so wonderful and heartbreaking at the same time. Looks like the goal is at 70%.

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