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Purplemojo 10-17-17 06:49 PM

What's Next
JTK: Just curious, what happens next with OH football? I don't know Kyle but I know some of his family. Do you foresee any changes?

cincysports4 10-18-17 12:45 PM

The coaching staff is not the issue. Probably the best staff they've had in a while. They simply do not have the athletes this year.

Purplemojo 10-20-17 05:51 AM

With only one response, I guess there is not much interest in OH football.

Steve Wilkos 10-30-17 12:19 PM

Been saying for years, the coaching isn’t the problem. It wasn’t the problem when Cummins was there, it wasn’t the immediate problem during the Scholz era and it isn’t the issue with Prosser. It’s the kids, and the parents. Trust me when I say that the parents play too big of a role in that program. Often times coaches hands are tied.

I recall during the Commins era that they had to allow seniors to play JV to make parents happy. That’s ridiculous

Purplemojo 10-30-17 06:53 PM

I think you are right SW, but what can be done about it?

Steve Wilkos 10-30-17 09:16 PM

Well, for starters, the administration has to allow the coaches to do their damn jobs. Quit worrying about everyone’s feelings and start putting the TEAM first. While I realize that the district is funded by the taxpayers and the parents of the student athlete, they have to have the guts to tell the parents that they have to back off and be spectators. You don’t see Colerain struggling year after year, because they allow their coaches to do what they were hired to do.

I also hear the argument that OH loses athletes to the likes of Elder and St. X, but I call BS on that. The kids that live in the district and go to catholic schools weren’t going there to begin with, and for every kid that goes to an actual OH feeder school and ends up at one of the catholic high schools, there are an equal number meet of kids that leave elder or X to transfer to OH. The number of students they “lose” is minimal at best.

At some point, you have to tell moms and dads that their kid is not good enough to play but his role on the team is equally important as a starter. Playing time isn’t a right and just because you pay a fee for sports, doesn’t guarantee your kid plays. The sense of entitlement is ridiculous at OH. A senior taking reps from a sophomore on JV is pathetic. I don’t know if this is still the norm there but I do know for a fact that it has happened in the past.

jtk 11-02-17 05:05 PM


Originally Posted by Purplemojo (Post 6874022)
JTK: Just curious, what happens next with OH football? I don't know Kyle but I know some of his family. Do you foresee any changes?

i think kyle is doing the right things, just not the horses to be competitive. i really felt sorry for woycke this season. he's a really good qb, but not many options out there for him, and the defense was pretty bad. he's only been there for 2 seasons so he needs time.

i agree with SW about the lost kids and the transfers in being about equal in numbers. i know that the talent level isn't equal though. the kids OH gets from the parochials isn't near the talent they lose to the parochials. 2 of LS starting LB's are OH feeder kids, maybe they weren't planning to go to OH, and thats where the staff needs to sell to these kids and get them to buy in. (recruit, if thats what you want to call it)

i did hear that youth football is going to go back to one team? not sure if thats correct, but Little Highlanders is going to handle youth football again. if that happens and they only care about making the 6th grade super bowl and not developing the kids for high school then it won't matter.

i think the divide in youth football pissed off a lot of people over the years and they now seek parochial as a high school option, that needs to be reversed. one of the parents who started OHYA football sends his son to lasalle???????


Steve Wilkos 11-15-17 02:49 PM

The youth program split is ridiculous. JTK, I found it really odd that he sent his kid to LaSalle. Kyle is a great coach, motivator, and person. I don't blame him, or any of the other HC's in the past for the demise of OH football. At the end of the day, you are right, they don't have the horses to compete. Especially in the league they are in.

In my opinion, the parents are still the ultimate problem. You can't have parents being so involved that it hurts the direction of the program. At some point, they have to tell the parents that little Johnny isn't good enough to play, and has to accept his role, whatever it may be.

jtk 11-21-17 12:26 AM

they actually have some talent coming up....hopefully prosser can keep them in the system. the horses to compete need to be kept at OH, and not let them leave for lasalle, elder, or st. x.

when they become legit, i will get the ultimate party pacer out of the garage and tailgate with the best. steve wilkos and springer are my favorite tail gate partners.


20yearcoach 03-30-18 12:46 PM

How has the attendance in the weight room been looking? It won't be long and the season will be here... Just wondering if anyone has seen or heard anything.

jtk 07-25-18 11:34 PM

i think the countdown clock is gone. that clock seemed to ruffle a lot of panties a few years back. lol


Southwest Guy 08-04-18 09:37 PM

What do the numbers look like this year ? Hearing rumors the numbers are down more than normal. With Sycamore and Middletown dropping their freshman teams does Oak Hills have similar issues ? The coaching staff is good given a chance to develop the kids.

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