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K-1122 01-08-19 04:34 PM

First ap poll
AP Poll is usually a joke with homer voters, but here it is to discuss...


The OGBR Polls seem to have more "common sense" to them, with more first hand knowledge of the top teams?

gcfqn 01-08-19 07:56 PM

Hard to judge teams by scores as there are so many match ups with the haves and have nots. This game Jan 30 Africentric at Newark should be very interesting.

JM92 01-08-19 08:31 PM

Just by looking at it you can tell they just go by the win/loss records. GlenOak should be way higher IMHO, they have played a tougher schedule than some on there. GlenOak also took down Newark. But yeah, OGBR actually is better if you like polls, they actually look at strength of schedule and know much more about the teams.

Michael Hirn 01-09-19 01:07 AM

D4 #1 Minster and #2 Ft. Loramie square off on Saturday.

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